A child theme of the parent Grow

A child theme allows you to change small aspects of your site’s appearance yet still preserve your theme’s look and functionality.

SiteOrigin Headline

Why a child theme?

In this example, I’m using the child theme as I wanted to change some functionality.

I’m only using three files in my child theme.

Child theme files

  • style.css to change some aesthetic requirements
  • functions.php to call stylesheets from both the parent and child themes but more importantly, to add some additional functionality and to override some of the parent’s
  • header.php which is a template file to change the presentation of the header (as a test: we’ve added three logos with three separate links)

Smart Slider 3

In my example slider, I’m using the Smart Slider 3 Sample Slider. I’ve set it to display at Auto as it keeps it responsive in varying media.

SiteOrigin Editor

This widget is essentially a full TinyMCE editor instance. You can enter rich, styled text, images and WordPress shortcodes.

In the example blocks the titles are all SiteOrigin Editor widgets.

SiteOrigin Image

This widget is essentially for adding images.

In the example blocks the ones with pictures are all SiteOrigin Image widgets.